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Dates and Price

Duration:    5 Days


December 27 - January 2nd, 2024

Class Size:    10 minimum *
                       25 maximum

Minimum Age:   17 

Price:  $995* 


This all-inclusive price includes training; meals, lodging, shirts, books and a Challenge Coin.   

Contact us for details at 844-962-1776.

* Enrollment fees are non-refundable, except if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment.   

First 20 Enrollments $100 OFF. 

Use Discount Code "ADULT"

"Adulting" Boot Camp

Is "Adulting" just around the corner for you (or that young man or young woman who you are raising)?  Are you concerned about the basics of living independently, whether it be alone, with roommates or in a dorm environment?  Is the idea of "Adulting" - taking care of things like a home, vehicle, finances or self - overwhelming and confusing?   Adulting Boot Camp: Basic Training for Life will help. 

First off, don't worry, even though we call it a"Boot Camp," we won't be bringing out the Drill Instructors to get in your face.  No marching or yelling...we promise!    

The fast-paced one-week Adulting Boot Camp is specifically designed to prepare young adults (or not so young...there are NO AGE LIMITS for this course) to have some of the basic life skills needed to effectly live as an adult.  This "Boot Camp" is our basic training program.  We may have more specialized one-week programs, expanding on the skills we will teach, sometime in the future. 

Adulting Boot Camp will provide fundamental information and skills in five areas of life: 

  • Home.

  • Health.

  • Finances.

  • Survival.

  • Employment.



We will provide you with a fast-paced introduction to a variety of basic skills as an adult.  Our training is very realistic, based on real-world situations, and not suger-coated at all.  We will cover a multitude of topics, ranging from:

  • Shopping, meal preparation and healthy living.  Students will be fully involved with all meal preparation.

  • Vehicle purchases, financing, maintenance and repair.

  • Renting, purchasing, financing and maintaining a house, condo or apartment. 

  • Self-Defense, Situational Awareness and Introduction to Firearms (optional).  

  • Finances, Opening a Checking Account, Taking out a Loan and Income Taxes.     

  • Starting a Grill, Building a Campfire, Cooking Outdoors and Life Under the Stars.

  • Communication, dress, attitude and appearance for a first "grown-up" job. 

  • Creating a resume based on experience gained as a student or volunteer.    

Adulting Boot Camp is not a "chill" class where you play on your phone all day.  We are committed to teaching you skills that are important to your future.  The course is not designed to entertain you.   Each student will be pushed and expected to be fully engaged in discussion and hands-on activities.   

The days will be long, intense, yet fun.  You will be learning and living with up to eight others in a bunk room, developing lifelong friendships.  

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