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  • Do you have scholarships available?
    Unfortunately, we do not. Liberty Communications, LLC is a family-owned business. We do not have funds available to provide scholarships to individuals attending our programs. We do offer various discounts and incentives throughout the year for early enrollments for our summer camp, and for the children of active duty, reserve and retired military personnel. You can attend the EMS Fast Track with sponsorship by Global Medical Response, as well as full-time pay and a hiring bonus. Call us at 844-VET-2-EMS for details. Young people who wish to attend our programs, yet need financial assistance, may want to reach out to military-oriented organizations like the American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart and Veterans of Foreign Wars. These organizations will often support a young person who has a strong desire to understand the military lifestyle.
  • This seems very "military."  How hard is it?"
    Some of our programs are very physically and mentally challenging, such as the Service to Others Prep Course and our summer camp Extreme Military Challenge! These programs are designed to provide a very realistic basic training / academy experience. Most of our programs, such as Corporate Boot Camp Challenge, Athlete's Boot Camp Challenge and AirSoft Boot Camp Challenge, are tailored to the level and needs of the participants. Finally, several of our programs are designed to build specific skills - such as Adulting Boot Camp, Fast Track EMS or the Armed Security Officer Course - and have no military structure about them. If you would like to know more about a course, before enrolling, feel free to give us a call at 844-962-1776.
  • What are the qualifications of your staff?​
    Simply put...when it comes to training Cadets and motivated adults, the XMC cadre has just about done it all! Our primary cadre has over 400 combined years of working with young adults, both locally and nationally. Many are former Cadets who later served in the military, representing nearly all branches of the Armed Forces. We have business professionals, combat veterans, educators and law enforcement personnel represented in our ranks. The staff is motivated and experienced, providing an exceptional learning experience. We are proud to have trained across the nation. More importantly, we love doing it! Our cadre has attended and led training programs for several years, with some having as many as 35+ years experience operating various training experiences. This experience provides a special insight to the unique leadership style required when working with young adults. Every member of the cadre undergoes a comprehensive background check, is screened to ensure suitability to work with young people, and attends detailed training on risk management. Each staff member is hand-picked, based on their experience, qualifications, suitability to work with young people, and the personal example they will set for each participant.
  • How realistic are your military programs?
    Our military-themed programs can be extremely challenging. The days are long, tiring and exciting, much like life in the Army's Basic Combat Training. ​With that said, we work with teens and civilians, and we are very aware of that. We tailor the program to the physical skills of the participants. Most of our staff started as Cadets. Therefore, we maintain a delicate balance of maintaining a realistic military environment, while always remembering that our real mission is to develop leadership and self-confidence, while keeping safety as our primary concern at all times.
  • What airport, train station or bus terminal do you pick up from?"
    You can drive directly to Camp Liberty or fly into the Birmingham International Airport (BHM). Prior arrangements for ground transportation are required.
  • Are haircuts required?
    No, not for our adult programs, including the more "military" courses such as the Service to Others Prep Course (STOP-C). Our premier military Cadet program for teens, Extreme Military Challenge!, does have a strict grooming standard for all uniformed Cadets and cadre.
  • What do I bring with me to Camp Liberty?
    That depends of your program. We will send you a detailed Training Guide, including a Packing List, upon enrollment.
  • What is your refund policy?
    All enrollments are NON-REFUNDABLE under ANY circumstance. You may use enrollment fees remitted up to three years after enrollment.
  • What is the training day like?
    That depends of your program. We will send you a detailed Training Guide, including a sample Training Schedule, upon enrollment.
  • Can I receive mail while at Camp Liberty?
    Yes. The mailing address, and telephone number, are here.
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