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Dates and Price

Duration:    2 Days

Call for Availability 

Class Size:    10  - 25

Minimum Age:   18 

Price:                 $300 

Includes training and lunch.  

Contact us for details at 844-962-1776.  

Armed Security Officer Course (ASOC)

The Armed Security Officer Course - delivered by Lighthorse Tactical - is a 16-hour training block that is conducted in accordance with the Alabama Security Regulatory Board (ASRB) guidelines. It contains a handgun block, a legal block and security operations and equipment block. The ASRB handgun qualification will also be conducted.


Required Gear:    

  • Duty belt

  • Holster (No Shoulder Holsters)

  • Flashlight

  • Magazine carriers

  • Duty handgun (No subcompacts)

  • 250 rounds handgun ammo

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Notebook and pen

  • Range clothing is required on both days (example- cargo pants and crew-neck shirt).



  • This course meets the requirements by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board to submit for an ASRB Armed Security Officer Certification.

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