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Athlete's Boot Camp Challenge!

A team is comprised of individuals who are able to work together towards a common goal.   Athlete's Boot Camp Challenge! is specifically designed to instill teamwork in High School and College Athletes through a physically and mentally challeging experience. 

The fast-paced four-day Athlete's Boot Camp Challenge! will focus on teamwork, leadership and communication skills.  We don't teach how to throw a ball.  We teach how to work together to achieve victory as a team!  This program is designed for civilian athletes with varying levels of fitness.  We will NOT push you beyond your limits.

The goals of this program include:  

  • Physical Challenge.   The program is tailored to take account the physical abilities of the participants.  We will push you, but not past where you can safely go.  Think of a mud run that lasts three days!

  • Mental Challenge.   Test your ability to lead and follow within a stressful environment.  We create a series of events which will push your situational awareness skills.   This is the ultimate "Escape Room" type event.

  • Confidence.  Once you get through the initial "shock and awe" of being face-to-face with Drill Instructors, you will be to deal with the most challenging of supervisor!   

  • Leadership and Communication.  Participants are rotated through leadership and planning positions, without regard to their place on their team.  

  • Appreciation.  We do not emphasize the military lifestyle in this program; however, Camp Liberty always attempts to instill an appreciation for the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. 


We will provide you with a very challenging experience as a team, ranging from:

  • Obstacle Course.  Go through an official military obstacle course working together as a team.

  • Team Fitness Events.  Drill Instructors will lead teams through a variety of challenging athletic events.    


Athlete's Boot Camp is an experience that will be challenging, exciting and fun.  While we will bring out the "warrior spirit" in the athetes, this course is NOT intended to develop military personnel.   We will provide a balance of "hardcore" and fun, which will push you, but not "break you down."  The days will be filled with a variety of exciting and challenging events.  You will be training and living with up to 40 others in a squadbay, working as a team.  

This program is for civilians athlete's who seek a challenge.   Athlete's Boot Camp Challenge! is available and appropriate for teams who desires a physical and mental challenge, while developing confidence, accountability and leadership skills.


There are no grooming standards (haircuts) required for this course.

Dates and Price

Duration:    2-5 Days


Class Size:    10 - 30

Minimum Age:   14 


This all-inclusive price includes training; meals, lodging, ammunition and a Challenge Coin.   

Contact us for details at 844-962-1776.  

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