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FY-2024 Dates and Price

Duration:    6 Days

2023 Sessions:   

April 2 - 7, 2024

Class Size:     12 Minimum *
                       40 Maximum

Minimum Age:   18 

Price:   $995*


This all-inclusive price includes training; meals, lodging, ammunition, uniform shirts, books and a Challenge Coin.   

Contact us for details at 844-962-1776.  

This course is executed in conjunction with the Patriot's Boot Camp Challenge program.  

* Enrollment fees are non-refundable, except if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment.  

Service to Others Preparation Course (STOP-C)

Do you have the call to serve?  Are fully prepared to be one of the less than 2.5% of Americans who will serve in uniform as military, law enforcement, firefighter or medic?  Are you looking for an intense physical and mental challenge, regardless of your future career path?   

The fast-paced one-week Service to Others Prep (STOP-C) Course is specifically designed to prepare physically fit young men and women for future service in uniform. 

STOP-C is designed to prepare you for:

  • Military Enlisted Basic Training for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force.

  • Police Academy Training Required for Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement Careers.

  • Military Officer Accessions Training, such as college ROTC, Officer Candidate School, a U.S. Service Academy (U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy).

  • State and Private Military Academy, such as Norwich University, University of North Georgia, Texas A&M or California Maritime.  

  • Fire Academy and State or Federal Emergency Medical Programs.     

  • Military Veterans who wish to get physically and mentally prepared to return to the basic "recruit" environment as they transition from the Armed Forces to another uniformed career.  

  • Civilians who seek a challenge.  While this program is designed for those who are firm in their path of service, it is available and appropriate for anyone who desires a physical and mental challenge, while developing confidence, accountability and leadership skills.


We will provide you with a very realistic and challenging basic training experience, ranging from:

  • Military Drill and Ceremony.  Prepare for the initial "shock and awe" of being face-to-face with Drill Instructors. 

  • Obstacle Course.  Train on both official military and law enforcement courses.  Be best prepared for the physical rigors of Basic Training.

  • Physical Fitness Preparation and Testing.  How best to take the test.  

  • Combatives and Self-Defense.   An introduction to the fundamentals of military combatives.

  • Combat Water Survival.  Drown-proofing and water survival training.    

  • Basics of Marksmanship.   Tailored training,  based on the skills represented in the class, to help you get the best qualification score.  You will spend time on our 100 meter range learning from seasoned law enforcement and military experts.  

  • Interview and Communication Skills.  Whether you are interviewing with a member of Congress for a Service Academy appointment, negotiating with MEPS for an enlisted career path, or getting ready to go face-to-face with a law enforcement recruiter, we will put you to the test.  

STOP-C is not designed to entertain you.   Each candidate will be pushed towards their physical and mental limits, preparing you for the first phase of indoctrination training associated with a uniformed career.   As a result, the days will be long and intense.  You will be working and living with up to eight others in a squadbay who are solely focused on learning the important skills necessary to be successful.  

Realism!  The 2024 program will include full participation in the Veterans for AirSoft annual Military Simulation (MILSIM) event.  You will "fight" side-by-side with combat veterans as your platoon battles for victory in a very realistic exercise.  

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